The Chief Executive Officer of Riscovery Limited, Mr. Anthony K. Apaloo has been in insurance business for over 39 years and had extensive exposure both in Ghana and Europe. He is versatile in insurance operations as he was schooled in all departments of insurance business. Mr. Apaloo also devoted a reasonable part of those years to claims administration which is the end product of an insurance policy. He is also an expert in handling Alternative Dispute Resolution. The customer’s desire for insurance is to have his/her ‘genuine’ claims settled. Genuine claims can only stem out of the right insurance policies that meet customer needs. This is the domain of Mr. Apaloo. His reputation and expertise give credibility, confidence, momentum, and legitimacy to the business of RISCOVERY Limited. Prior to the establishment of RISCOVERY Limited, Mr. Apaloo was the Supervising General Manager at Enterprise Insurance Company Limited. Mr. Apaloo is working with other seasoned personnel with relevant experience in risk management. His team is supported by very capable young and dynamic staffs who are at your beck and call.