Riscovery is divided into two broad business units, each of which has a clearly defined set of objectives within our overall strategy:

Non-Life (General Business) – This is the unit that works with you to tailor make your non-life insurance solutions such as motor, home insurance, goods-in-transit, fire insurance, liability, assets all risk etc. We are fully aware that your desire for insurance is to have your “genuine” claims settled and settled promptly. “Genuine” claims can only stem out of the right insurance policies that are designed to meet your needs. We have proven expertise in aligning your general insurance needs with prompt claims settlement and our reputation give credibility, confidence, momentum, and legitimacy to the business of Riscovery. .

Life Assurance – This unit serves as marketing and distribution channel for Life Assurance products – funeral policy, life investments, educational policy etc. – from leading Life Assurance companies like Prudential Life Insurance and Enterprise Life Assurance Company. There is a dedicated team that offers help to policy holders if they have any challenge or difficulty that requires immediate resolution. Our website offers you the opportunity to check the status of your policy online.